Military Museum


The Egyptian National Military Museum is the official museum of the Egyptian Army.

The National Military Museum is located at the north western area of the three Haram Palaces, inside the Cairo Citadel. It overlooks the Mukattam hills and the entrance to the Citadel. The Haram Palaces were originally constructed by Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1872.

The museum was established in 1937 at the old building of the Egyptian Ministry of War in downtown Cairo. It was later moved to a temporary location in the Garden City district of Cairo. In November 1949 the museum was moved to the Haram Palace at the Cairo citadel. It has been renovated several times since, in 1982 and 1993.

Child museum


The Children’s Civilization and Creativity Center is a children’s museum in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, opened in 2012 and covering 4,000 square meters in a 14 Feddan, 14.3 acre landscape. It was built by the Heliopolis Society for the benefit of all the children of Egypt. This work involved contributions from Egyptian and international museums and institutions.

The museum was designed by experts from Egypt, UK and the USA and built by museum specialists from all over the world who have contributed to the museum to assist children and young adults to learn through hands on exhibits, inter-actives, computer games, and a spectacular dome show exhibit that takes the visitor through the history of science in Egypt.

The entrance to the museum is from Sharia Abo Bakr El Seddik, opposite the tram station at Haroun El Rashid. The entrance is marked by the spectacular Space Pyramidion structure of planet spheres circling a pyramid that celebrates the cultures of Egypt ancient and modern. The visit to the museum begins with a journey down the Nile valley through time and space, it provides a living experience of how the Nile has changed and formed the landscape of modern Egypt.

Coptic Egyptian Geological Museum
 Coptic Museum Egyptian Geological Museum


unknown soldier memorial


Many Unknown Soldier Memorials for Egyptian and Arab soldiers were constructed inside and outside Egypt. The most famous is the one in Cairo. The Unknown Soldier Memorial in Cairo is a pyramid-shaped monument in Nasr City.

The monument is made of concrete and resembles a hollow pyramid, with a height of 36.64 meters, and a base width of 14.3 meters. The four pillars are 1.9 meters thick, and are inscribed with 71 symbolic names. At the center of the base is a solid basalt cube representing the soldier’s tomb. The memorial is open to visitors at all times. It was designed by the artist Sami Rafi, a Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo who obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Other Heritage

Coptic Egyptian Geological Museum
Cario tower Sphinx of Giza

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